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Ginani Fashion Academy Lagos, Nigeria is one of the best Fashion Design Schools in Nigeria. We have been training since 2001.

Our training is unique with a strong technical basis. It has been developed to meet the need of the Nigerian designer to compete in a global economy. Our students are confident, highly skilled fashion professionals.

Fashion Resources




With our patterns, books, macros, and designer tools we can help you achieve your fashion production and training goals.

Patterns are templates used in garment production. A pattern documents size and style infomation and can be used to cut several times. They reduce time used in production and ensure the style and fit are preserved.Buy Patterns from eStore.

As a fashion Student, designer or enthusiast, you need information to achieve your fashion goals. The right information will turbo charge your creativity. Our books cover pattern making and sewing for men, women and children’s wear. You can buy our books from our eStore

Learning Can Be fun

Our testimonials

I can honestly say Ginani Fashion School was a good choice for me. Learning is one thing but having a guide through basic in-depth knowledge about said skills is another.

Ginani is the latter.

The school excels in living its values.
To God be the Glory! Could you believe that most of my customers are Bankers now? I'm able to take care of my family with my income. I am into corporate wears and it's all because of the online training. Ginani encouraged me and told me I was gifted and that helped me overcome my challenges. I am so happy I was able to be part of this amazing Academy. So if anyone needs corporate wears, I am a professional at it now! Thank you Ginani for making me an expert!!
Online Student