Ginani Fashion Academy Lagos, Nigeria is one of the best Fashion Design Schools in Nigeria. We have been training since 2001. Our training is unique with a strong technical basis. It has been developed to meet the need of the Nigerian designer to compete in a global economy. Our students are confident, highly skilled fashion professionals.


What Our Students Are Saying


Lagos, Nigeria

I can honestly say Ginani Fashion School was a good choice for me.Not judging a book by its cover is a practical example of Ginani. Learning is one thing but having a guide through basic in-depth knowledge about said skills is another;Ginani is the latter.Finally, asides getting new facilities which will play an integral role in its daily operations and all,the school excels in living its values.


Nnewi, Nigeria

To God be the Glory! Could you believe that most of my customers are Bankers now? I'm able to take care of my family with my income. I am into corporate wears and it's all because of the online training. Ginani encourage me and told me I was gifted and that helped me overcome my challenges. Ginani kept up to date with my work and I am so happy I was able to be part of this amazing Academy. So if anyone needs corporate wears, I am a professional at it now! Thank you Ginani for making me an expert!!


Fashion Training Books

Hey you don't scroll down yet! Grab one of our fashion training books to aid your learning. 100% of our students did better with a book in hand. Don't get left out and buy our books. They are so easy to understand we tested it out on kids and they made their first clothes!!



A Training Process That Works

We have an effective training package. This package is designed to allow anyone to master the technical, design and production systems used in fashion. Add such training to natural talent and you have a powerhouse. Mastery of the skills acquired in training will allow you build your fashion business, factory or even fashion school.

A Unique Pattern Making System And Sizing System

Our pattern making system is unique.We actually understand the concept behind pattern making and have made it easy for our students to have the same understanding and thus easily create and use patterns. Our system is easy to use and is efficient in production. Our students stand out in the fashion industry and are sought after.

An Efficient Garment Production & Styling system

Businesses need systems.  At Ginani, more than learning how to cut, sew and make patterns, you understand the process of production and the systems necessary to turn your passion into a business.  

Garment Production Resources

We don't let our graduates struggle in the business world. We have created international standard patterns and macros that make garment production a breeze. You can have the combination of speed and proficiency that a modern business needs.

Student Collections

  • Busayo Taiwo
    Busayo Taiwo
    Cut out dress
  • Miquel Eze
    Miquel Eze
    Shirt and trousers
  • Miguel Eze
    Miguel Eze
    Kaftan set
  • Oyindamola
    Dress with high and low hemline
  • Miguel Eze
    Miguel Eze
    Kaftan Set
  • Oyindamola
  • Florence Ntor
    Florence Ntor
    Shirt Dress
  • Florence Ntor
    Florence Ntor
  • Roslna
    Trousers and top
  • Rosina
  • Oyindamola
    Jacket and trousers
  • Shola
    Creating top and skirt combo
  • Dress
  • Pearl
    Lace Dress
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