About Ibukun

I’ve always considered myself to be business minded. From as far back as I could remember, I’ve always looked for ways to make business processes easier. That’s what drove me to become a virtual assistant. My goal is to be the go to girl when entrepreneurs, professionals and small teams think of working with a virtual assistant. I am passionate about building up small businesses through marketing, social media and great management. I invest a lot of time and efforts in building up my skills so that I can leverage my talents to providing the best services for the companies I work with.

Who we are

Ginani is a brand name for Ginani Gold Ltd. Ginani Gold Ltd is a fashion business providing fashion training services, clothing and fashion resources.

We have developed over 20 years of service in the fashion industry the following: a garment production system, a pattern making system, a sizing standard for garment production all of which are available to our students and fashion enthusiasts.

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