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Ginani fashion training is based on scientific knowledge and skilled application. Over the years we have compiled our training system into books. Ginani books are used in our courses to provide reference and course materials for our students. The information contained helps our trainees to operate professionally long after leaving GINANI fashion academy. Information is key to performance. Without the right information, people will under perform; they will not achieve their potential. Our books help to provide this needed information. Now any fashion enthusiast can learn how to sew and make  patterns.


Topics covered:

Our books cover the creation of the basic blocks for men, women and children.  After learning how to create the basic blocks, you should also learn how to manipulate the patterns to create your own designs.  This is covered in our Bodice Pattern Designing ebook.  Sewing is covered in our eBook - Garment Construction for the 21st Century. 



Available books:

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