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Using our Fashion eSchool, learn online from anywhere at your convenience. Our  online elearning platform offers you the oppurtunity to achieve your fashion dreams at your own time in your own space.  Make today count. Start learning now!


Learn pattern making, cutting, sewing and design at Ginani eschool.  You can learn using our online platform just as well as if you attended a physical class. Our online class gives you the advantage of convenience, access to course materials at any time of the night or day and self-paced learning.  You can review a topic as often as you like. You can play videos again and again without feeling as if you are holding back a class.  You are never late for a class, you are never a slow learner as long as you are willing to commit your time and maintain a regular schedule.


Successful people take advantage of the internet to continually learn.  Leave the excuses behind.  Start Learning fashion skills online today!

The courses offered online are our Garment Production and design Stages 1& 2.  The content is the same but the price is just a fraction of the on-site class.

invisible zip
Sewing the invisible zipper

Our online students are doing very well.  If you are self motivated and can commit yourself to a regular learning schedule, then the online class is for you.

As an online student, you are a full Ginani Fashion School student.  You have access to consultancy services and can come into the school with your work or call in if you need assistance.


To learn at the eSchool successfully:

Create a work environment

Create a schedule

Commit regular time to your training

Plan to practice

Correct your mistakes


How to start your training at the eschool

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