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Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to be skilled fashion professionals. The training system is based on scientific foundations and principles. This eliminates guesswork and allows you to build skills and experience as well as stay relevant as the years go by. The skills you get from Ginani training will allow you to gain experience and develop expertise without becoming outmoded over time.

Meet The Expert

Eunice Oghinan


Creator of the Nigerian standard sizing chart, winner of several awards including 12th leading woman in Nigeria from Leading Woman Magazine, publisher over 7 fashion training books. Eunice has  built a successful fashion business and is passionate about building the right skills that will allow Nigerian fashion industry to gain control of their own market as well as compete globally. Eunice is the link between aspiring designers and expert fashion skills. She strives to make all her students reach their goals, build a fashion business and make profit from it.

Technical class N180,000

This is an intensely practical class that sets the stage for advanced garment production and design skills. You will master the development of garment clothing for men, women or children. This course covers pattern making, cutting, sewing and fashion illustration. It runs for 3 months.

Technical & Design Class N300,000

This is a combination of the technical and design classes. You master the cut, fit and design of clothing.

You can apply what you learn to English or native clothing. It covers men, women and children’s wear. This is a 6 months course.


Advanced Styling & Design N420,000

Move your basic and intermediate skills the next step with an intense pattern making, design and production workshop. Develop garments for couture/ready to wear. Focus on use of creative imagination, style development, mastering garment pattern making for production and finishing of garments. This is a 9 month course.

Professional Class N550,000

At this stage, you will be encouraged to specialize.

You will master business skills for fashion and produce your own collection. Now you have the technical, design and production skills to produce high quality garments for any area of fashion. You will now develop your fashion collection. This class is 1 year intensive.


Sewing Class N45,000

In this one month course, you will learn Sewing- Master sewing techniques, applications, finishing techniques. Duration: 4 weeks. 5 days a week.

Pattern Making - Bodice N65,000

In this one month course, you’ll specialize in Measurement taking, bodice pattern creation, cutting and sewing (basic sewing skills required).


Pattern Making - Trousers N55,000

In this one month course, you will master Measurement taking, Trouser pattern creation, cutting and sewing (basic sewing skills required).

Pattern Making - Shirts N65,000

In this one month course, you’ll specialize in Cutting, pattern making, sewing for shirts (basic sewing skills required) .

Ladies Shirt

Pattern Making - Skirts N55,000

In this one month course, you will master Skirt pattern making, cutting and sewing.

Saturday Class N85,000

Are you busy during the week? Take advantage of our Saturday class to build up your fashion skills. The Saturday class is divided into 3 months modules. Each module is approximately 12 classes.


Learn From The Very Best

Join our course and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s fashion industry.

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