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The last 3 months of the one year programme is the professional stage. This is the finishing class of our programme. You have covered the previous 3 stages. You are now able to produce clothes with a perfect fit. You have mastered the styling techniques and you can apply them to perfectly fitting shapes to come up with unique designs.

You are now preparing our own collection. This collection will launch you as a fashion designer. You are deciding where to focus on. Do you produce a bridal collection, or corporate wear or a lifestyle collection? Should you include pieces for children or adult males?

For your collection to have a focus we encourage you to think of a specialisation. You do not have to rigidly adhere to that specialisation. You do have broad skills that allow you to participate fully in the garment industry. How ever for now you can focus on an area of your choice.

You will also master the production and business skills to mass produce and sell your collection. Your collection can be a couture collection or a mass produced collection. You will learn how to make the decisions which determine what you produce and how it is sold and who to.

The Professional class also includes the Technical, Design and Production classes.

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Course Syllabus

  1. Patternmaking
  2. Pattern Design
  3. Sewing
  4. Cutting
  5. Fashion Illustration
  6. Sizing
  7. Advanced Pattern making
  8. Advanced Sewing
  9. Styling
  10. Styling Techniques
  11. Production
  12. Costing
  13. Marketing
  14. Fashion Design
  15. Use of Computer Aided Design CAD
  16. Draping
  17. Collection Creation


This is the time for you to follow your passions and learn all that you need to be a designer

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